Is Socialized Health Care the Way to Go? A Look at Britain’s Health Care System

In the light of expensive health care costs, wouldn’t Americans be better off if we opted for socialized medicine?Not so according to a recent study by the Cato Institute of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS). There is no perfect scenario when it comes to health care. On one side of the spectrum is the desire to have unlimited medical care to extend one’s life as much as possible and the other end of the spectrum is to ration care to control spending.The NHS is a centralized government version of the one-payer system in England and it pays directly for health care and finances the system through general tax revenues. Most physicians and nurses are government employees.What can we learn from Britain’s health care system?1. Long-waiting times* Presently as many as three quarters of a million Britons are waiting to be treated in Britain’s hospitals. Cancer patients will wait as long as eight months for treatment. During that waiting period 20% of colon cancer patients who were initially considered “treatable” when first diagnosed will become “incurable.” Even more alarming is the fact that as many as 40% of cancer patients are never even seen by an oncology specialist.* In 2008 Britain’s goal was for a wait time of no more than eighteen weeks; the study showed that only 30-50% of patients actually received treatment within the eighteen week time frame. What’s worse is that only 20% of orthopedic and trauma patients received care from a specialist within the eighteen week target window.2. Rationed health-care* Not surprisingly, a direct result of Britain’s over-taxed system is that certain types of care for more expensive procedures such as open heart surgery and kidney dialysis are now “rationed.” Even more alarming is that patients deemed “too ill” or “too old” for a procedure to be “cost-effective” are being denied treatment altogether. One government “solution” being proposed is that the NHS be allowed to refuse treatment to those with “unhealthy lifestyles” such as smokers and the overweight.3. Paying for private health care* Another solution is “competition” in the form of private health insurance. Currently about 10% of Britons have private health insurance and that number is growing as more and more Britons seek to gain access to a wider choice of healthcare providers and avoid waiting lists.* Studies conducted on the British public indicated that 63% felt the need for healthcare reform is “urgent,” and another 24% believe that it is at least “desirable.” Even more telling however is that 60% of Britons believe that making it easier for patients to spend their own money on health care would “improve quality.”So, what can we learn?
We may not like the high costs of private health care, but so far it provides quality health care socialized medicine such as the British NHS is not able to achieve.

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Commercial Bridge Loans

What are commercial bridge loans?Many a times a company is approved for a loan through its bank, or financial institution, but the loan doesn’t close for four to six months. During this time the company can take the help of a short-term commercial bridge loans, which can be repaid when the senior loan closes. Commercial Bridge loans can help the company to meet their financial needs and remain stable.Are you in a process of finding capital for your new business or looking for your business expansion? By now, you must have found that arranging finance for a company can be time consuming, stressful and equally frustrating. However a little bit of planning and preparation before hand will save you lots of disappointment and aggravation. Like any partnership, business which is what obtaining commercial bridge loans are, the partners want to guarantee you have researched your opinions and know what exactly you require before coming to them for commercial business loans.There are number of ways to generate a cash flow for your business. Hence remember that not all may be right for you. Suppose you business is starting point or small you may not be eligible for a commercial bridge loan.You can avail a commercial bridge loan for any purpose. This includes the capital for commercial property or equipment, restructuring debt or for working capital. The terms for this type of commercial bridge loan are that the loan is for 12 months or less and that there is a proposed exit strategy.The following list can help you identify the types of information the banker will want from your end when you apply for a commercial loan.· Three years income tax and financial statements · Year to date profit and balance sheep statement · Your Performa for the next 12 months · Length of the loan · Federal and state tax information · Personal finance statements · Your collateral sheet · Well-written business planObtaining a commercial bridge loan can be a bit difficult especially when you are unaware of the correct entities that provide such funding. Today one can find numerous lenders and private investors who assist businesses with a Commercial bridge loan. You can avail funds anywhere around $1,00,000 to $10,00,000. Its all about selecting the right loan resource to meet your loan needs.Tips that can help you help you select a right business loan lenderCommercial lenders are fussy. So just relax even if your loan gets down, simply go to the next four cheapest commercial loan lenders on the list and apply with a simple mouse click. There are lots of “A” paper lenders; “B” paper lenders and easy “C” paper lenders. Make sure that you are dealing with dedicated and pre-approved lenders with knowledge and decision making ability.Copyright 2006 Darren Dunner

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Guide To Buying Furniture Online

Before looking at furniture online, it is essential to know the exact kind of furniture that is needed. It is easy to get distracted when looking at beautiful furniture online and decide to buy something attractive that is not really needed. If there is more than one piece of furniture needed, make a list. Style is another feature to know in advance. A Danish Modern coffee table will look out of place in a Spanish style living room. Measure the space where the furniture will be placed and only look at pieces that are the right size. It is a waste of time and energy to purchase something that is attractive but is either too big or too small for the room. When it comes to furniture, size and proportion are important.Furniture comes in widely different qualities and prices. It is possible to buy several low quality pieces for the same amount as one good quality piece. A furniture budget needs to reflect this. A high quality dining room table may be required, but a low quality bookcase may be enough for a child’s room. Before looking for either, it is necessary to know exactly what is wanted. When it is time to pay for purchases online a credit card will be needed that will cover the total amount purchased.Many people prefer to purchase good quality furniture slowly and gradually build their collection. There are advantages to this because good quality furniture will last for years and not need to be replaced. In the end, this will save money. However, some people need furniture quickly to fill a new flat or home and cannot wait to gradually accumulate good quality pieces. In this case, they will buy several pieces of lower quality. One advantage to purchasing online is the lower price for good quality. Before making a decision on poor quality, look at several sites and compare prices of better quality. It is always better to buy the best quality possible at any time.Before making a final decision, check the delivery policy of the online store. Do they charge for delivering? Some will offer free delivery if the purchase is over a certain amount. If the purchaser needs to collect the furniture, there will be several things to consider. Will it fin into a car or will a truck be needed? How will it get into the car or truck? Will the purchaser need to bring someone to load it or will the shop do that? Having the furniture delivered to the home is always the best option, even if there is a small delivery fee. A high delivery fee may make the furniture too expensive.Oak Furniture is a very popular type because it is beautiful, durable and economical in the long run. The initial cost will be more, but it will never need to be replaced and will not break, sag or look worn. Dark oak kitchen furniture is very stylish and adds warmth and grandeur to any kitchen.

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8 Main Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing uses email to build relationships with your audience. With the right communication flow, you can send relevant information and convert prospects to customers.

People interested in your product or service can join your list and, through email marketing communications, learn everything they need to know to make a purchasing decision.

By building your email list with your target audience (people who can benefit from your products or services), you can be sure that email marketing will become an important source of income for your business.

These are 8 of the top benefits that make email marketing the perfect choice for your digital marketing activities.

1. Low Cost

Let’s start with the most important aspect: how much does it cost?

To run professional email marketing campaigns, all you need is a basic strategy and the right tool that allows you to test various tactics.

There are many professional email marketing software ( MailChimp, Benchmark, Sendinblue, Mailerlite, among others). These offer various plans based on the size of your list (number of subscribers).

The services are perfectly scalable. You can use a basic plan to start building your contact list, sell your products, and upgrade to more advanced plans as your online income grows.

2. Full control

You have full control over your communications.

You can:

- Design your assets (for example, web forms, emails and landing pages).

- Decide the type of campaigns you run.

- Segment users to better direct efforts and achieve better personalization.

Plan your communication carefully to reflect your brand identity and stand out from other companies in your customers’ inboxes.

3. Accuracy

When you build your list organically, ask people to confirm the subscription. This way, you know that your contacts want to receive emails from your brand, which means that you are targeting people who are genuinely interested in your offering. This list is considered high quality and is likely to provide better business results.

You can run A / B tests, track statistics, and monitor the results of your campaigns in real time. Based on the information collected, you can make small changes (for example, layout, copy, structure, or workflow) and optimize your digital marketing program.

4. Easy to use

Creating an email marketing campaign is straightforward. You can design your templates, it’s just drag and drop, no coding required! And if design isn’t your thing, you can use ready-made templates to set up your campaigns.

5. The preferred marketing medium

According to the DMA (Data & Marketing Association), most people prefer that companies contact them through email rather than other channels.

The survey results make perfect sense, as well-designed email marketing campaigns are relevant and non-intrusive – emails wait in the inbox and subscribers decide when is the right time to open and read it. And if they no longer want to receive the content, they can unsubscribe with just a couple of clicks.

Permission marketing means, according to Seth Godin, the Marketing guru, is privilege (not the right) to deliver relevant and personalized messages in advance to customers who really want to receive it.

6. Can reach mobile device users

The percentage of email that is opened on mobile devices continues to grow. According to a Benchmarks report, openings through a desktop account for 45.69%, followed by mobile device openings with 34.31%.

This means that you can reach your customers and influence their purchasing decisions wherever they are. You can also integrate your online and offline marketing, p. Eg by collecting email addresses at events or while shopping at a physical location.

7. Email is its own medium.

The digital marketing strategy is divided into paid, earned and owned media. Email belongs to the category of proprietary media (unless we are talking about sponsored email). It means that your company has full control over this online marketing channel.

In fact, over time, your email list becomes your greatest online marketing asset – a massive database of people wanting to know your brand.

8. Targeted and personalized communication

You can collect relevant information from your contacts throughout the subscription process and use it to tailor the communication to your needs and preferences. Based on the data, you can create segments of people who share common traits.

Your subscribers will stay on your list as long as they see value in your communication; so over time, you can build a huge email list that generates impressive income.

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Top Custom Web Application Development Company

Top Custom Web Application Development Company Enterprises and regulations are at all times looking for solutions to well manage their various business events and processes. Mostly Best Custom Web Application Development Company invention solutions from the IT commercial that is developing on a normal basis and has something for everybody. Professional Web Application Development Company are various software that can be bought \»off the shelf\» and applied directly to the various appearances of a business. Mostly, Professional Web Application Development Company organizations have needs that are different to them and are not shared by any other company. These definite needs can only be satisfied by custom web application development. Organizations can take support of any web application development company and get their custom solutions and improve their business processes.

Top Custom Web Application Development Company is highly regarded as it offers a unique solution that is built around the specific needs of the client and can be practical to those requirements that are most critical and different for a business. Professional Web Application Development Company are lots of reasons for the popularity of Best Custom Web Application Development Company but the very protuberant ones are mentioned below:

Any reputed web application development company should first behavior extensive research and analysis of any project previously actually getting started with it. Best Custom Web Application Development Company business analysts and project managers conduct an extensive fact finding team in which all the needs of the client, their business, needs of the personal using the software etc are found and clearly documented for future reference while developing application. These findings are then applied to create a well formulated solution that actualizes client\’s needs into an appropriate solution.

The entire development procedure is needed to be flexible in order to create a solution according to clients requisites. Top Custom Web Application Development Company offers a very flexible development platform where developers can work and create the solution as anticipated by the client. The flexible development approach allows the ASP.NET developers to apply their originality and information without much imprisons and come up with advanced solutions for clients.

The majority critical thing to remember while developing custom web applications for organizations is that they should be user friendly. The qualifications and computer knowledge of those who would be finally using the application on a regular basis is essential to remember while developing applications. The usual users of the application would most likely be non IT aficionados who are more uneasy with business activities rather than the technological positions of how applications work. This requires the ASP.Net developers web application development company to come up with solutions that are very user friendly and can be simply operated by general users. Not much technical information must be required for functional the software. Custom applications can be simply expressed in such a method.

Top Ten ASP.Net Development company

1) AxtonGroup Inc.
Ph: 1-201-884-7338 Country: USA

2) Fujisoft Inc
Country: Japan

3) Comparex
Ph: 49 341 2568 000 Country: Germany

4) Softline Group
Ph: 7(495) 232-0023 Country: Russia

5) Sogeti
Country: France

6) Proge-Software
Country: Italy

7) Capgemini Group
Country: France

8) Addisinfo Tech
Ph: 91-79-26400620 Country:India

9) Otsuka
Country: Japan

10) Senetic
Ph: 48 (32) 420 92 00 Country: Poland

Professional Web Application Development Company is very approving for configurations needful exact solutions for different needs, but care need be taken while choosing the ASP.NET development partner for a project. Clients should do methodical research and enquiries before offering their project to any web application development company. Having said all that,.NET is one of the most powerful and flexible framework among all the programming language. It is the future of web applications development and Internet. Many companies like and others provide scalable business solutions using the ASP.Net programming and C#.

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